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New SEO Trend

The advent of Search Engine Optimization has made the Internet a very interesting environment. It is expedient to get a brief recap of the history of SEO. In the Mid 90’s when the Search Engines began to evolve, simply placing letter A in front of your product or service put you in good ranking. You […]


IT Support… giving captivating connections

I had crisscrossed the globe to build my fledgling IT Career. The enriching connections, insights and resource positioned me as a leading force in my fast growing organization. The turning point for my Career came when I attended an IT Conference in Brisbane. The serenity and landscape of Brisbane was no doubt one of the […]


SEO Gurus: Validate your Presence

The clock had just chimed the alarm and the Sun was blazing hot. I looked through my Window as though I was expecting a guest. The thought of getting a strong online presence for my new Site was proving to be a herculean task. As I swiveled my Ergonomic chair, it dawned on me that […]

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A Blissful Transition

I had worked for 6 years in a service-based organization and I needed to take a short break before going into my dream job. My challenge was who to meet to help me in my investment decisions. I did not have to wait for long as I got a referral from a friend to go […]